Whether you are a designer, contractor, or owner of a project, nothing beats aerial photography for getting “the big picture” of your project. Small inmanned aerial systems  (sUAS, or “drones,” as they are also called) provide an affordable and safe way to get images that can be useful to you in planning, monitoring, inspecting, and marketing your work.

Alpha & Omega Group’s sUAS services can provide overhead views of your projects from beginning to end.

Our Federal Aviation Administration-certified remote pilot can document your project with video and photographs, aiding in inspection of difficult-to-reach areas. By providing images in a perspective that would not be seen from the ground, an sUAS may enable you to see potential areas of hazard on your site and act to minimize those risks. You can obtain time-lapse visual documentation of a project’s construction progress. 

Photogrammetry can be used to make 3-dimensional models, which can be useful to engineers and contractors for volume calculations and for enabling clients and owners to visualize the project.

Because images have the power to tell a story, you can use the photos and video we make to market your services or to showcase your project in print media or on your website.

  Please contact us to learn how our UAS services can benefit your business or organization.