Water Resources

UAS Services

Founded in 1998 in Raleigh, NC, Alpha & Omega Group specializes in civil, structural, and water resources engineering. As a Christian-owned and managed company, we are grounded in six core Biblical values: relationships, trust, teamwork, servant attitudes, stewardship, and excellence.

Throughout our history, we have completed projects for the North Carolina Department of Transportation, US Forest Service, state and county parks, fire stations, municipal complexes, schools, churches, and public facilities. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the review and approval processes of local, state, and federal agencies. Alpha & Omega Group is registered as an NCDOT small professional services firm (SPSF) and has 27 NCDOT qualifications.

We have an excellent history of relationship- and trust-building with not only project owners, but also with firms that we have teamed with over the years. “Begin with the End in mind” is our motto, because we aim to try to understand the objectives and desired outcomes of each project. As we are quite invested in even a relatively small role in any project, we seek to fulfill our commitments with service and excellence.