Alpha & Omega Group, along with a team that included Carolina Ecosystems and Davis Martin Powell, provided professional water resources engineering services to the City of Winston-Salem for the modification of an existing culvert on Kerners Mill Creek. The culvert was part of the plan for a new greenway to be constructed along the creek.

A&O’s scope included an initial corridor review and wetland delineation as well as coordination with NC Division of Water Resources and the US Army Corps of Engineers to acquire verification of our findings. We performed a flood study, which included data collection, hydraulic analysis, and a hydrology and hydraulics report with floodplain mapping. Using the hydraulic model results, A&O created a culvert survey report for review by NCDOT. A&O prepared a conditional letter of map revision (CLOMR) for the City to submit to the NC Floodplain Mapping Program for approval.

After construction of the project is complete, A&O will prepare a letter of map revision (LOMR) based on as-built plans.