Alpha & Omega Group assisted The Nature Conservancy in obtaining the necessary permits to repair the historic Long Valley Farm Dam. The dam is classified as low hazard and small, according to the North Carolina  Department of Environmental Quality Dam Safety inventory. 

The structural height of the dam is 18 feet and maximum impoundment capacity is 672 acre-feet.  These two conditions exceed the requirements for exemption and therefore fall under the Dam Safety Law of 1967.  Construction plans and specifications were required to perform repairs to the existing dam.

A&O prepared permits and construction documents for the replacement of the existing twin baseflow spillway pipes. We provided construction administration for the work to be performed. As-built plans were required by NC Administrative Code. A&O procured the services of a state-licensed professional land surveyor to verify the final elevations of the replaced baseflow pipes upon the completion of the work, prepared the as-built record document, and forward a copy to NCDEQ Dam Safety office.