Alpha & Omega Group provides visual, hands-on safety condition inspection of metal traffic signal structures for NCDOT.  Mast arm and strain wire signal poles are inspected at various locations in NCDOT divisions throughout North Carolina. 

To conduct signal pole inspections, a bucket truck is used to access tops of poles and mast arm connections to the vertical poles for a close-up inspection. Anchor bolt nuts are checked for tightness, damage and rust. An ultrasonic wall thickness gauge is used to check the material thickness of the pole and mast arm to ensure adequate thickness of material. The overall condition of the poles and mast arms is inspected to determine if maintenance is required to prolong the serviceability of the structure.  Plan and elevation sketches of each structure are provided to document the structural elements of each pole and also provide a record for inventory.

Signal pole inspections are required to ensure public safety. Each of Alpha & Omega Group’s six core values – relationships, trust, teamwork, servant attitudes, stewardship, and excellence – are incorporated in each signal pole inspection, ensuring safety and reliability of repairs needed.