Fire fighters and staff members of the Willow Springs Volunteer Fire Department were forced to drink bottled water because of high levels of iron in the fire department’s water supply well.

Honeycutt Landing subdivision, located to the southeast of WSVFD, was supplied by a community well owned by Aqua NC. To solve the problem, county leaders worked with Aqua NC to extend the water line from Honeycutt Landing to serve WSVFD.

As part of a feasibility study, A&O consulted with Aqua NC on the current system capabilities, past performance, future system expansion and potential impacts. We determined the public water line extension permitting process through NCDENR, developed a hydraulic model to confirm water flow and pressure, and evaluated the potential for dead end water stagnation. We consulted with NCDOT for a right-of-way encroachment agreement and water line construction requirements. We coordinated with a plumbing engineer to determine end user demand and existing building plumbing changes. Finally, we reviewed the water line extension route for potential construction and property issues that could affect the success or the cost of the project. North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Public Water Supply evaluated and permitted the project.