Alpha & Omega Group performed a routine hands-on, in-service field inspection and load rating analysis and provided a written assessment for Duke Energy’s Ash Line Bridge at the Number 5 Silo at the Roxboro Plant. The single span bridge has a four-sided reinforced concrete tunnel bridge, 18.5 feet wide by 65 feet long, underneath it. Duke Energy wanted to ensure the bridge and tunnel could carry the weights of their heaviest trucks.

Our scope of services included:

  • Coordination with Duke Energy and a materials testing firm regarding concrete core samples
  • Attending Duke Energy’s safety orientation
  • A hands-on, routine visual inspection of the structure
  • A load rating analysis using Duke Energy’s special truck loading configurations
  • A complete written report of the inspection, including structure and condition photos, written description of findings, and a summary of the analysis.
  • Maintenance and repair recommendations, and a priority schedule of recommended repairs, categorized as preventative, special or prompt action.