• Emerald Isle Bridge
    Assessment, NBIS inspection and repairs
  • Camelot Village Bridge
    Assessment and repair plans
  • Onslow Beach Swing Bridge
    Inspection, in-depth assessment and repair plans
  • I-95 Bridge
  • Herbert C. Bonner Bridge
    Assessment and repairs
  • Division 12
    21 bridge preservations
  • Ocracoke Bridge Rail
    Timber bridge replacements

For a number of years, public concern over the safety of our nation's bridges and other infrastructure has increased. In 2013, North Carolina earned an embarrassing grade of C from the American Society of Civil Engineers for its deteriorating infrastructure. Since then, Alpha & Omega Group has seen its increasingly important role in bridge inspections, preservation and repair as a way to help improve that score. Our focus is set on keeping our communities’ bridges in better condition, through maintenance and repairs, in order to extend the service life of bridges by up to 25 to 50 years.

With routine inspections, detailed assessments, and non-destructive testing, A&O is able to discern existing conditions that contribute to accelerated deterioration, whether from leaking joints or chloride penetration that leads to active corrosion. We can assist the state in prioritizing maintenance and repairs to maximize the life of each bridge.

Bridge preservation design may include deteriorated concrete repairs, bearing replacements, structural steel repairs, bridge superstructure jacking, deck surface repairs, bridge joint replacements, pile repairs or replacements and concrete sealers or overlays. All preservation methods are evaluated with regard to life cycle cost and replacement cost so that ultimate replacement of the structure may be planned.